TEAM’s product range features several building systems to suit different purposes. Our professional advice will provide you with the most suitable choice for your space requirements. All of our products can be tailor-made to each individual client’s specific needs.

Our products are often used as:

  • Offices
  • Accommodation
  • Classrooms
  • Clinics
  • Internet cafés
  • Guard houses

More examples

  • Ablution facilities/toilets
  • Dormitoriesprefab
  • Kitchens/dining rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Shops
  • Gyms
  • Drug stores
  • Cold roomssteel
  • Equipment shelters
  • Bureau de changes
  • Storage space
  • Complete camps for mines or construction projects
  • and lots more.

For more information on a specific product click one of the images below.

If you need quality accommodation (for sale or hire) urgently, contact us now and explain your requirements to us. Or request a quote online if you have a good idea of what you want already.